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International Food Fair Happening in Gwangju

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Gwangju International Food Fair will be held from November 27th to the 30th at the Kimdaejung Convention Center.
Featuring the participation of some 470 booths from 260 food corporations in 20 different countries, the upcoming food exposition will showcase each participating country’s specialty foods, franchise restaurant brands from different nations, and various coffees for roasting and brewing.
Kitchen and cooking tools necessary for different dishes will also be on display, along with agricultural and livestock products, processed foods, health supplements, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages as well as seasonings for different foods.
Having been recognized and approved by the Union of the World-leading Trading Show or UFI, the Gwangju International Food Fair is the largest of its kind in the non-capital areas in Korea.
Additional programs that will be available for visitors include a baking competition, a regionally grown food exhibition, and a bakery and cookie festival.
In addition, the 2014 Food Safety Gwangju Forum, the Korea Health and Industry Promotion Center, the Gwangju Regional Food Safety Center and other key organizations for promoting and commercializing various specialty foods will host special seminar programs throughout the exposition.
Come and experience tasty dishes and an array of food-related exhibitions at the 2014 Gwangju International Food Fair at the Gwangju Kimdaejung Convention Center until this Sunday, November 30th.

News of the Week: November 27, 2014

‘Bitgoeul Hiking Path’ to be Opened Next February in Gwangju

One of Gwangju’s most representative walking courses, ‘Bitgoeul Hiking Path’, that stretches out across suburban area of Gwangju for some 81.5 kilometers will be opened next February.

Over the three-year period since May of 2012,a total of 2 billion won has been invested in constructing and linking hiking paths that connect the outskirts of Gwangju and its nearby cities and districts.

8 public hearings were held along with preparation of a story-telling program for different courses on the hiking path along with the construction of guidance posts and signboards as well as the refurbishment ofthe paths.

Safety infrastructure installation in places vulnerable to accidents is the last project that will be carried out before the official opening of the hiking path, scheduled for February.

The soon-to-be completed hiking path connects all five autonomous districts in Gwangju such as Bukgu, Namgu, Seogu, Gwangsangu and Donggu district with nearby cities and districts such as Damyang and Hwasun.


Jeollanamdo Education Office to Operate Special Patent Course for Elementary School Students

Jeollanamdo Office of Education will operate an ‘Invention and Patent’ course program targeting local elementary school students.

The special course has been established to aid students who have talents and interest in scientific invention in attaining patents for invented products. It will provide individual education and lessons for thestudents through professional lecturers.

Major educational contents include sessions on invention, brainstorming and the development of ideas along with a special counseling session with famous patent attorneys in the area.

For those students who complete the course, opportunities to take part in the Student Scientific Invention Competition and the National Student Invention Exhibition will be offered.


Gwangju to Ban Issuing of New Licenses for Taxis for 3 Years

The city of Gwangju will reportedly ban the issuing of new licenses for taxis for three years, starting next year.

There was no issuance of new licenses for taxis this year and, with the three-year ban from next year, issuing licenses for local taxis will not be allowed for a four-year period.

According to the city of Gwangju, the over-supply of taxis in Gwangju has reached the 1,200 mark, some 15.5 percent of the entire licensed taxis in service in the city.

As of now, a total of 8,200 taxis are in operation with some 3,400 owned and operated by 76 corporations and the remaining 4,800 taxis individually owned.


Credit Card Payments of Over 500,000 Won to Require Identification Card

Starting from the end of next month, customers paying with credit cards for goods worth more than 500,000 won will be required to present identification cards to prevent further crimes related to credit card theft.

Credit card companies will be required to provide guidance information on expiration dates of the remaining points on each credit card and how to use them when each customer wishes to withdraw his or her membership or delete their personal information on the card.

All credit card operators will be required to abide by the new regulation and customers across the nation will be notified.

Where to Eat Wednesday: O’Bibimbap

It’s sometimes hard to not fall into the mindset that dinner has to be a big deal. This is possibly due to the fact that I like to cook at home and prefer to save eating out for nicer occasions. Sadly, that way of thinking has left me ignorant of the smaller spots that are ideal for single meals that don’t require at least three people to finish. As a result, it’s quite refreshing to visit a place that specializes in small, simple meals that are both affordable and delicious. It’s even nicer when they offer take out.


I didn’t know of O’Bibimbap until someone had advertised it on Facebook. Since I had been itching to try a new place in the Sangmu area, I dragged my roommate to the restaurant with me after making up some excuse to be in the area. Though small, the restaurant was surprisingly easy to find due to it being located on one of the main streets in Sangmu. While it looked fairly unassuming on the outside, the personal touches in decor made the interior charming.

MenuBusiness Card

Before we could find a place to sit, I found myself distracted by reading the limited, yet tempting menu. As expected with the name, the restaurant’s specialty was 비빔밥 (bibimbap), which literally means “mixed rice”. Though there were some expected options, such as the 숯불구이 비빔밥 (sutbulgu-i bibimbap), which looked like a combination of charcoal grilled pork with all the usual fixings, and the 청양고추 매콤한 낙지 비빔밥 (cheong-yang-gochu maekomhan nakji bibimbap), better known as spicy octopus bibimbap, there were some pleasant surprises on as well. I was impressed to see a vegetarian option, which was listed as 신선한 야채 비빔밥 (shinseonhan yachae bibimbap), as well as a number of other non-bibimbap choices like udon, dumplings, soup, and fried rice. We ended up ordering the 레몬 닭가슴살 비빔밥 (lemon dakgaseumsal bibimbap), also known as lemon chicken breast bibimbap, 스팸+숯불+김치볶음밥 (spam+sutbul+kimchi bokkeumbap), simply named Spam + Charcoal Pork + Kimchi Fried Rice, and an order of 쫄깃 감자 물만두 (jjolgit gamja mulmandu), chewy potato boiled dumplings. We also purchased a can of Dr. Pepper after excitedly noticing that it was available.


After we placed our orders, the owner of the restaurant, who appeared to be working all by herself, brought out a couple of oven baked eggs for us to enjoy as an appetizer. Due to the bitter cold we had just dealt with outside, cracking open the warm eggs was a welcome distraction. Soon after, we received our dumplings. While most forms of boiled dumplings I’ve had have been rather boring, I was happy to see that what we got had been seasoned and came with three different sauces. Trying the tasty little dumplings with each sauce made the experience rather fun, giving us new flavor combinations with each bite.

Lemon Chicken BibimbapSpam Charcoal Pork Kimchi Fried Rice

Before long, the rest of our food arrived. Each rice dish came in its own tray with its own sides, making it so that we didn’t have to fight over pieces of fish cake and kimchi. I first tried the lemon chicken bibimbap, which was filled with fresh vegetables and came with a side of lemon soy sauce. Though we were warned that using the entire amount of sauce we were given would make things too salty, it was too delicious not to go overboard with it. I’ve always known bibimbap as somewhat of a heavy dish, so it was an appreciated change to enjoy a version that seemed reminiscent of a light chicken salad. The rice to vegetable ratio was balanced, and the amount given was just enough. The fried rice, on the other hand, was rich, hearty, and packed with flavor. Topped with a fried egg and extra meat, the whole dish was as delicious as it was comforting. I did feel a little guilty for indulging in what was probably the less healthy option after eating the salad-like bibimbap, but I grew to care less with each spicy bite.

All Mixed UpDecorations

At the end of our meal, we were both satisfied without being too full. The only downside was that I found myself wishing I lived in Sangmu so that I could take full advantage of visiting this place for easy take out. Everything we had was delicious and made with a special kind of care that could only be found in small, independently run spots like this one. Though I wouldn’t recommend large parties or large orders for a place like O’Bibimbap, it’s the perfect spot for a fairly balanced dinner that doesn’t break the bank. While I don’t live close enough to visit often, I can definitely see myself returning soon to enjoy the food and the calming atmosphere.

Address: 광주 서구 치평동 1184-2 (across the street from Star Box sauna)
Phone: 062-375-5557
Hours: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Average Price Range: 5,900 to 6,900 per person


최근 업데이트10 최근 업데이트11

Hi Everyone,

This post brings you some pics from the event and would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday to race in the GFN Daein Shop till you drop. We hope that you all had a good time and that you learned some about traditional markets and just how much fun they could be.

Also everyone at Daein were very happy for the business and exposure as well as for the cordial behavior of everyone who took part. Kudos to you and you and all of you.

Finally we are taking suggestions, comments, constructive criticism and positive feedback from you guys who have participated not only in this event but also Kimchi Festival, Damyang, Yeongam Wangin festival and other GFN events as to how we can better serve you with fun events etc.

Please leave your suggestions below, or on GFN free board and we will be in contact. Also if you have other pics please post them in the facebook page we would like you to share them with us.