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October Streets

October Streets


For this October’s installment of Gwangju and provincial street photography, we can see the photo above. While technically taken several weeks ago in those waning balmy days of late September, it seems fit to introduce now that the weather has irrevocably turned towards autumn. While feeling the encroaching chill during last week’s Chusok break, it seems apt to remember just how recently we were complaining of feeling just a bit too much heat during the day, while prepping for cooler evenings after dusk.
This week’s photo was taken in after dinner while the late afternoon sun began to accelerate towards the horizon west of Bienalle hall. The elongated shadows at the base of the figures present attest to this, while also hinting at the impending temperature drop. The two primary figures in the image also show this temporal in-between through their chosen dress. Still clad in summer garb, the younger girl to the right seems unaware of this shift. She walks to the right while casting a glance at the camera, all the while passing the older woman in long sleeves and pants with shopping stroller in-tow. In the bottom corners of the frame we can see hints of other passersby. Their flowing hair creates wisps of movement which, along with the industrial tubing help to frame the central subjects. Also in movement, the girls hair covers her face, assisting in changing a relatively static image to one which is both voyeuristic, dynamic, yet also bearing witness to the changing winds which have been rolling through our town of late.
It will be interesting to see what winds are revealed in next month’s contribution to street photography in Gwangju. Until then, enjoy the season friends!
[Image taken with a Contax T2 shooting Tri-x 400]
(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)

What to Do This Weekend: Auditions, Live Music, and a Party for the Family!

Hello Gwangju!

The big holiday break is over, but there are still plenty of things to do here! Let’s see what’s happening this weekend.

Thursday, Oct. 12th

Courtesy of Zumba with Thando

Courtesy of Zumba with Thando

You need to work off some of that delicious food you ate over Chuseok? Well then you know the GIC is the place to go for Thursday night Zumba! If you’re not familiar with Zumba then it’s an even better reason to check out this fun cardio class. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, bring a towel, and a bottle of water because you’re going to need all three. This class is led by certified instructor Thando Mlambo. For more details about the class, please go to the Facebook event page. After you get a good workout at the GIC, then you can test your trivial knowledge at Speakeasy’s Trivia Night. Get together a group of friends (max. 5), or find one there and participate in 6 rounds of questions. The second place team will get their money back, and the first place team will take the rest. For more details about trivia night, please check out the Facebook event page. The cost is only 5,000 won to play, and this week will feature special guest quiz master, Nate Kent!

Friday, Oct. 13th

Courtesy of the Gwangju Movie Club

Courtesy of the Gwangju Movie Club

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with some scary movies? The Gwangju Movie Club has a triple bill of frightening favorites. It all starts off with the classic George Romero/Stephen King collaboration, Creepshow. Then it’s the series that made a guy in a hockey mask one of the screen’s biggest killers with Friday the 13th parts 2, and 3. There will be delicious food and drinks available for purchase as well. Horror films and tasty food seem like a great way to spend Friday the 13th! For more information, including directions to the venue, please go to their Facebook page.

Saturday, Oct. 14th

Courtesy of the Gwangju Art Class

Courtesy of the Gwangju Art Class

Good news Gwangju, the Saturday art classes at the GIC are back! This month’s schedule begins with a female figure drawing class. The class will begin at 12:45 p.m., and the model will arrive at 1 p.m. Once the model arrives, the doors will be locked for their privacy. All materials will be provided for you, but you can bring your own if you want. The cost of the class is only 10,000 won. For more details about the class, please visit their Facebook page here. Today’s class will be led by local artist, Jen Lee.

Courtesy of GFOG

Courtesy of GFOG

The Global Families of Gwangju (GFOG) will be holding their annual Halloween party today at the Kwangju Foreign School. This is always one of the best events for families in the area. There will be games, food, prizes, and of course-candy! People are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite costumes. It all takes place from 1 to 5 p.m. at the school.  You can also find out about getting advance tickets by visiting the Facebook page for the event. It’ll be a great day for the kids, as well as adults!

Courtesy of Speakeasy

Courtesy of Speakeasy

Live music is back at Speakeasy this Saturday night! Vincit Omnia will be playing another rocking set for the residents of Gwangju. As usual, Speakeasy will have some great drink specials to keep you happy. Let the great staff take care of you, and enjoy another great performance from Vincit Omnia. For more details about the show, please go to Speakeasy’s Facebook page.

Sunday, Oct. 15th

On Sundays, a dedicated group of volunteers go to a local animal shelter to walk and play with dogs. If you would like to help them out, then please go to their Facebook page.

If you are interested in auditioning for this year’s GPP Cabaret, then you need to get down to the GIC this afternoon. Tryouts will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. For all the exact details that you need, please go to the Facebook event page here.


viva dj

Open Call for Entries – Deadline is tomorrow – Make some extra cash and play all the music that you want! 



The 4th audition for GFN Listener DJ will be launched

on October 14th at the GFN studios.

Come show us what you got or what you don’t got!

You can be an official GFN DJ for one-month music program “VIVA DJ”.

No Experience necessary and all applicants will be considered regardless of age or nationality.

But good English skills needed.

To sign up, please send your application form to

Application deadline is October 12th .


GFN에서 “청취자 라디오 진행자”를 공개 모집합니다.

GFN 음악 프로그램 진행에 관심이 있고

진행에 무리가 없는 영어실력을 갖춘 분이라면

나이, 성별, 국적, 경력에 관계 없이 누구나 지원하실 수 있습니다.

오디션을 통해 선발된 진행자는

한 달 동안 VIVA DJ 음악 프로그램을 책임지고 이끌어가게 됩니다.

매월 새롭게 선정된 청취자 진행자가 출연해서

지역에서 살아가는 소소한 일상과 음악을 소개합니다.

청취자 여러분의 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.


□ Application Period : from 13th of September to 12th of October

□ How to apply : please download the application form from the GFN

                       homepage and send it to


□ First Announcement of the Qualifiers : 13th of October

□ Audition Date : Saturday, 14th of October (Afternoon)

□ Final Announcement : Tuesday, 5PM, 17th of October


□ Host(DJ) fee will be paid under the GFN rule after one-month show.

Contact : 062-460-0944 /,



This light.

This light


We all know this type of light. It saturates those moments when we feel we ‘should’ be exactly where we find ourselves. It is present in more than its share of magical movie moments. From Terrance Malick’s classic Days of Heaven, to more recent endeavors, this light is indicative of a deeply personal yet also extra-personal sense when we feel at one with our surroundings. However, such familiarity in a virtual sense gives rise to the question of what created this particular aesthetic. Was it the filmmakers themselves who conjured up a method for extracting and projecting a droplet of the sublime? Or, perhaps was it we watchers who having experienced such light, eventually demand such imitations from the image-makers in our societies? Regardless, if this question itself rings true, you have likely experienced such illumination at one point or another.

Describing these moments is a tricky, if not impossible task. It may instead only be possible to talk of its effects, of the way which it simply is. For, this light can make even a discarded candy wrapper or warehouse’s rusty exterior seem suddenly transcendent. Being within it is much more apt an expression than witnessing it alone. For, when it hits, there is no room for objective labeling. In such moments, only light is.

It is now October and the harvest is in. Most have spent this past week reconnecting with parts of themselves which have slowly been neglected over the stifling weeks of work these past few months. So, with this week off to enjoy not just a thanksgiving for what we have seemingly earned, but also for what we now have, what better time to slow down and lean towards a simpler beauty. These shortening days bring with them those elongated side rays which reveal, for several minutes, the beauty which we have been living all of this time. I hope that we can all catch a glimpse in the remaining few days of this years Chusok (Thanksgiving) break. We have likely earned it. And, if not, it is here all the same.

[The image above was taken with a Nikon FE2 shooting Velvia 100 at dusk.]

(Photo and Text by Marty Miller)


What to Do This Weekend: The Cinema, Your Local Faves, and the Design Biennale!

Hello Gwangju!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Chuseok holiday! Let’s see what’s happening this weekend.

Thursday, Oct. 5th

Courtesy of Gwangju Cinema

Courtesy of Gwangju Cinema

After all that Chuseok food has been eaten, you probably just want to relax and watch a movie. If the offerings at the local multiplex are not for you, then why don’t you check out Gwangju’s oldest movie theater, the Gwangju Cinema? The Gwangju Cinema is the place to go in town for arthouse favorites, foreign films, documentaries, and much more! Currently playing is the drama 20th Century Women, starring Oscar nominated actress Annette Bening. To see what else is playing at the theater, please click on the link to their Facebook page.

Friday, Oct. 6th

Courtesy of Tequilaz

Courtesy of Tequilaz

Keep your holiday weeekend going tonight at Tequilaz with their bottomless drink specials! Unlimited rail cocktails (20,000, cash only), and draft beer (12,000, cash only) are available from 9 to midnight. While you’re there, order some of their delicious Mexican food to help wash down the drinks. A good time with good friends is a guaranteed thing at Tequilaz during their bottomless drink specials! For more details, please go to their Facebook page.

Saturday, Oct. 7th

The weekend is a perfect time to catch the 7th Gwangju Design Biennale. “Futures” is the theme for this year, and there are four main halls of exhibits for you to see. Ticket prices begin at 12,000 won for adults, and there are discounts for children and seniors. The Gwangju Design Biennale has the honor of being the first of it’s kind in the world. Come down to the Biennale Hall and see the future of design at the 2017 Gwangju Design Biennale! For all the information that you need, please go to their website: (link for the English page is at the top). The Design Biennale runs until Oct. 23rd.

Courtesy of Speakeasy

Courtesy of Speakeasy

Saturday night is always busy in town, and there are two great places where you and your friends can hang out. Speakeasy is one of the top places to drink, and dance the night away. Their friendly staff will take care of you, and you’re guaranteed to hear Despacito at least one time during the night! To find out more details, please go to their Facebook page. If you’re around the Chonnam back gate area, then you know that Loft 28 is the place to be! Great music, and fantastic drinks are just two of the reasons to check out this local favorite. Need another reason? OK, how about their home cooked food? The menu gets rave reviews from the residents of Gwangju! To get more information, please check out their Facebook page.