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April Streets

April Streets


This photo arrived just in time for the April installment of street photography local to Gwanju and Jeolla-do. In this image, our eyes are drawn to what we can’t see more-so than what we can. However, it is the enabler of such shadows which reminds us that yes, April is indeed here. In this image, the sun is direct, shining hard directional light on the three students whose shadows we see above. As their outlines stretch outward, our eyes can always return to the subjects footwear. Indeed, the shoes seem the most stable item in this frame. While the elongated shadows seem caught in the winds of this reflected moment, the feet themselves seem content to stand still, soaking up the mid-spring sun.

This image also reflects a sweet spot in the middle of spring. It is just about May, yet nights are still a cool reprieve from ever-warming days. It is a time when folks venture out to be outdoors. Like these three figures above, we are likely more content to just stay where we are once in this mid-day sun. The journey onwards, stepping towards a singular place to get to can likely wait. Several weeks from now, the hum of air conditioners will add their sonic presence to our day-to-day routine. But for now, these late April streets have hit their stride.


[Image taken with a Nikon FE2 shooting Kodak Ektar with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)