Updates with JD: Rescheduled Events due to Typhoon Mitag

As the year’s 18th typhoon Mitag is set to pass through Gwangju and Jeollanamdo this week, local administrations are rescheduling their autumn festivities.

Gwangju’s Donggu District Office plans to adjust schedules for the Chungjang Festival.

The opening ceremony on Wednesday has been pushed back to Thursday while other outdoor events slated between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon have been cancelled. The festival’s parade slated for Thursday will be held on Saturday, the 5th.

Jangseong which was set to open its Hwangryonggang Yellow Flower Festival from Tuesday minimized its opening ceremony while events on Thursday will be rescheduled or called off.

Mokpo’s Port festival has been pushed back by one day from the 3rd to the 4th while Wando’s night market event that was to open on the 7th has been postponed to the 16th.

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