Updates with JD : Subway Line 2 construction set to begin

Gwangju announced that construction work will begin on October 21st for the metro line to connect City Hall –Worldcup Stadium –Baekwoon Square – Gwangju Station – Chonnam National University and Cheomdan district. The route is 41.8km long and connects 44 stations. The construction plan consists of 3 levels, and the work for route level 1, connecting City Hall and Gwangju Station will be the first area to begin the construction work.

From 2023, the construction on the level 1 area is expected to be done. Construction on other levels will progress later. 

However, some level of inconvenience is inevitable, to reduce these for citizens, Gwangju City has prepared measures such as a traffic broadcasting service, billboards, banners, detour routes and change of the traffic sign system.

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