Updates with JD : CSATS 11/14

The City of Gwangju will conduct strict traffic restrictions on Thursday for the National College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT).

The City will add some 750 officials from 14 facilities including police, driver’s association, and more to transport students and support traffic control on the day.

Officers will be placed within a radius of 2 kilometers of an exam center, from 6am in the morning to lighten the traffic and restrict illegal parking within 200 meters of the center. For the convenience of traffic, some public offices and companies with more than 50 employees will start work an hour later.

All military jets will be prohibited to fly on the day and private aircrafts will have to wait for 25 minutes while the listening test finishes.

Test-takers who are late for school can call 112 or 119 to receive emergency transportation.

About 18,000 students are scheduled to take the CSAT at 38 schools. All examinees must enter by 8:10 in the morning. The exam will continue until 5:40 in the afternoon.

Please plan your travel accordingly.

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