Updates with JD : Bus lane extensions

Gwangju City has decided to expand bus lanes during rush hours to facilitate public transportation use.

The development will be between areas of Seogu District’s Gwangcheon (광천) crossroads through the intercity bus terminal, Gyesoo (계수) crossroads on Moojin Street for return, Dongwoon (동운) Overpass through Culture and Arts Center, Unam (운암) Library and Donglim (동림) Disabled Welfare Centre on Bookmoon Street for one way, and Uncheon Reservoir through Gwangju Airport, SongJong (송정) Station, Dosan (도산) Station on Sang-mu Street for return.

The total expansion will be 20.2 kilometers added on top of the original 47.2 kilometers long bus lanes.

Construction is planned to start in the half part of 2020.

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