Updates with JD : Sajik Park Guitar Street

Gwangju’s Namgu District revealed that the ‘Sajik (사직) Guitar Street’ received a Grand Prize on Wednesday from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

The alley was rated highly for its unique business of public-private cooperation and economic growth activation.

The street previously had an average of 9,000 visitors however as various events and festival were promoted; travelers increased to nearly 45,000 recently. Stores have increased from 24 to 32 and annual sales also increased by more than 30 percent.

The street is still putting in efforts to improve including opening a monthly ‘Guitar Day’to invite musicians and tourists, remodeling the alley designs, building countermeasures of gentrification and other to develop the region.

The Sajik Guitar Street was the center of folk music back in the 1980s but saw a downfall since 2000. However, it became one of the nation’s representative alley’s as it was nominated as the best in the competition.

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