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Jen Lee

Jen Lee

Jen Lee is a carbon based life form that comes from a little place called Texas. She landed in Gwangju back in 2010 and is now too stubborn to leave. Her world revolves around food, cartoons, video games, internet memes, and awkward music. When she’s not busy taking unnecessary pictures of her meals, Jen works as a freelance artist who mostly draws pretty girls and a comic called Dear Korea. Due to surviving on very little sleep, she sustains herself on pasta, milk tea, and nonsensical 90’s references.



JD was born in RSA and studied and worked in NYC and LDN and is now in GWJ. Currently doing his a little this and that including shopping and K-popping in ROK while completing his MBA.
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Nancy Harcar


Born and raised in the hard-luck sports town of Cleveland, Ohio, Nancy has lived in Gwangju since 2009. A sailor by luck and happenstance, she is currently land-locked in Gwangju, scouting for unattended ships along the coast, and planning her piratey revenge.

Marty Miller


Martin Miller is a photographer, artist, and educator currently practicing in South Korea. When not teaching or exhibiting, his free time is spent seeking out the lesser known sights in Jeolla-do and elsewhere on the peninsula. He welcomes criticisms, praises, and the occasional high-five, and can best be reached here.

Bill Mulligan


Bill Mulligan was only supposed to be in Korea for one year. 12 years later he is still here, and can’t remember what that one year ¬†plan was. He has resided in Gwangju for over six years , and is proud to be a member of a great community.

  • Aesin Hong

    this blog is amazing.. I am one of korean lived in Gwangju, I appreciated to seeing Gwangju through your view..

  • pb partner and I are moving to gwangju in September! We have so many questions…ranging from- can we buy western sized clothing to what kind of spices should we bring? Any tips? Great blog, thought we’d ask the experts!