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Cut Short

Cut Short


As the year draws to an end, it’s customary to reminisce on the past year, on what has changed in our lives here in Gwangju, or what has for better or worse remained the same. If you are like me, you may likely feel that the past year flew by, with our internal chronometer insisting that we should be in late summer or early fall at best. It seems as though this year has faced the same fate as the trees shown in the photo above. It was cut short.

Now, in the waning weeks of twenty eighteen, life here is already hunkering down for the winter ahead. Anything that would potentially exposed to the world outside has been nicely tucked away. This goes for our memories as well. For, what better time to digest our experiences over the past eleven months than to have ample time on the warm interior floors, waiting for the chill to break.

The photo above reminds me of this urge to shutter ourselves in some comfortable space. It also points out that nature may not be immune from our desires to do so. While no person can be seen in this photo, it nevertheless reveals the relationship we share with this season. As I write this, I realize that my own place may look eerily similar to the apartments above. From the outside, little life. Only our trust that others are likely feeling just like us, begrudgingly readying ourselves for years end.


(The image above was taken with a Ricoh GR1 shooting Afga APX 400. As I noted in last week’s photo, this film does an excellent job retaining shadow detail, and on that note. Even this little point and shoot camera with just a half stop of exposure compensation could pull off such dynamic range.)


Photo & Text by Marty Miller