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With the Lunar New Year or Sollal approaching planning is essential if you wish to travel within Korea. For many who are still in Korea and plan on leaving Gwangju, traffic is usually not that bad as the inflow into the city is usually at higher volumes than the outflow. However it is always better to plan ahead.

There are tons of applications out there and make sure to download the Kobus Application as well as the KTX app for easy booking from your mobile phone which saves you a trip to bus or train station.

Ticket reservations start tomorrow and according to GFN news :

Tickets for rail and air travel across the nation during the lunar New Year holiday of Seollal will be sold both online and in person today and tomorrow.

According to the Korea Railroad Corporation, tickets to destinations in the capital region, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang and the eastern coastal regions will be sold on the 10th while the rest, for destinations in the Honam, Jeolla and Gangwon areas, will be sold on the 11th.

On the official webpage of Korail, tickets can be purchased from 6am to 3pm while nationwide designated stations will sell tickets from 9 am for two hours.

Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines will also boost convenience for home-comer by offering 13 additional temporary flights to those travelling on the routes to and from Gimpo, Incheon and Jeju as well as Gimpo and Gwangju from the 26th to the 30th, those tickets will start their reservations tomorrow.


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