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Essentials with JD # 268 ** SEOLLAL – LUNAR NEW YEAR 2017**


Incase you are staying home or traveling around the country here are some updates for the Lunar New Year.

Between January 27th to 30th and February 10tht o 11th a total of 24 cultural events are scheduled at a number of local organizations and facilities.

The Gwangju National Museum will host various folk games such as yutnori, top-spinning and the Korean traditional game of hakeysack, known as jegi.The National Gwangju Science Center will remain open during the holidays to host a variety of experience programs.

Individual neighbourhoods including Dong-gu’s Greenway Park, Shinam village in Seo-gu District, and Nam-gu’s Dukam Village will all play host to traditional festivities.

If you are travelling outside of the city the newly opened SRT trains will be discounted by 40% for the long weekend. Gwangju Songjeong Station to Suseo, Seoul will cost just 24,000 won and takes about 2 hours.  Check out for more – the site is only in Korean so you might want to ask a friend for some help.

For those wanting to take the bus – be warned traffic jams are usual but Kumho Bus Lines has added an extra 2,800 express buses and 900 non-stop buses for the holiday. Journeys out of Gwangju to Seoul could take around 3-5 hours on average depending on time of departure.

The best way is to download the Kobus app to check ticket availability in real time or visit their website.  


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