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Essentials with JD # 269 **CONVENIENT SAVINGS**


For many February is a return to Gwangju after holidays abroad during the winter vacation and for those who overspent their budget, finding great deals while shopping is a must.


Look no further than your corner convenience store for some great savings as well as great 1+1 or 2+ 1 item sales. There are numerous stores located within all neighborhoods and most are open 24/7.


From food to personal items as well as snacks and some drinks these stores are a lifesaver and you can often find cheaper deals than the regular bigger shopping marts.

IMG_0464 IMG_0462

Of course selections vary by store/ brand but you can be assured that you can stock up on some items. For example 1+1 offers on toilet tissue which gives you a huge saving of up to 15 000 won. You can also buy a selection of beers for just 10 000 won or even stock up on some potato chips in 3 bags for just 3000 won.


If you are looking for a quick lunch snack there is a variety of noodles which you can purchase and eat right in the store. Most stores offer hot water microwaves for their ready made meals as well. And if you are super cold you can just relax at one of the indoor tables.

IMG_0463 IMG_0461

So if you strapped for cash this February check out your local convenience store for some great deals.


Take care and stay warm,