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Essentials with JD # 271 **YANGRIM DONG CAFES**

In last weeks edition we took a quick glance around Yangrim dong which has become the new “Hot-Peul” (Hot Place) in Gwangju. (Gwangju/광주, 503-040 Yangrim-dong/양림동, Nam-gu/남구, GPS coordinates: 35.13869,126.91518)


Tons of new cafes have opened and many are still under construction. While exploring the area and its rich historical missionary heritage the cafes are a welcome place to sit down, have a hot drink and chat.


Most of them can be found in the area near the community centre and around the roundabout / traffic circle.


Locate the mural of Yangrim dong on the wall and follow the direction to the Visitor centre and you can find Yangrim 148 a converted two jutaek home for a peaceful cup of coffee. Outside seating is also available which will be amazing in spring time.


At the head of the traffic circle is Tao – offers coffees and a quaint and cosy atmosphere with tons of quirky objet d’art and is a perfect place for people watching.


Across the road from Tao is Puul which is a coffee shop and restaurant which offers Scandinavian treats.


Venture down the road and across from the redbrick church there is Cafe Du Ciel – offering coffee and cake as well as perfumed diffusers. The store also offers live monthly classical music performances.

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Turn left at Du Ciel and make ur way up the street to Puralin house with coffee and chocolates.


And at the top of the street is Yangrim Bakeshop offering fresh baked bread and pastries – make sure to get there early as they sell out fast.


Take care and stay warm,