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Essentials with JD # 275 ** GWANGJU BUS 03 **


Earlier this year Gwangju updated its bus lines and also added new ones. In a new series of posts we will introduce some bus lines and also some of the notable stops on the route that might be of interest to you.

Handy Tips:

  1. Things to remember when transferring busses.
  • You can only transfer with your bus card,  not cash. (Cards are available at convenience stores T-Money works in Gwangju and other cities in Korea)
  • You can transfer from bus to subway and vice versa.
  • You cannot transfer to the same bus that you got off. (you have to pay another fee)
  • If you transfer from general bus to 좌석 or 농어촌, which has higher fare than general one, extra fare will be charged.
  • When you transfer from 농어촌 bus (that has last stop outside of Gwangju), then you have to swipe the card before you get off at the final destination, even though you don’t transfer. If not, extra fee will be charged.


  1. Survival Korean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

_________에 가는 버스 어디에서 타요? Where can I take a bus to ________?

U-Square 에 가는 버스 어디에서 타요? Where can I take a bus to U-Square?


New line No. 3

Highlights (Not the entire route)

Starts at 효천초교 (Hyocheon elementary school) – 광주대 (Gwangju University)– 조선대 (Chosun university)- 교육대(Education university) – 전남대사거리 (Chonnam University intersection) – 광천터미널 (U square) ends at 수완지구 KS병원 (KS hospital) 남구에서 수완지구로 가는 버스 (from south district to 광산district)

Why is this bus special?

It stops by many different universities. If you want to drop by or want to check universities around Gwangju, this is good bus to take.

Among them, which station is good place to stop by?

I would say Chosun university stop, There are good, delicious, and reasonable restaurants around the campus. And the campus is really beautiful to take a walk around. Especially in Spring and the school also holds a Rose festival in May.

From Chosun you can also go to downtown, 충장로 on foot. It takes around 20 minutes passing by the ACC

How about 광천터미널?

It is also called  U-square. 광천터미널 is landmark of Gwangju because of its central location, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstore, game plaza, stationery, department store, movie theater, and even 찜질방. Since it has really good location, many people transfer from this station to almost anywhere in the city. You can also catch an Express bus to other cities in Korea.



The final stop of No3 is 수완지구

수완지구 (Suwan) is the part of 광산구(Gwangsan district). It is a residential area, so there are a lot of apartments and good infrastructure.

광산 district was not part of Gwangju, but it was integrated in Gwangju in 1988.

수완지구 is more residential but has big supermarket chains, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores etc. However, the local restaurants there are a little more expensive, but has good atmosphere, so if you want to have fancy meal, try restaurants in 수완!!