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Essentials with JD # 279 ** SPRING WALK ALONG GWANGJU STREAM PART 1 **


The weather has changed and it is officially Spring. Before the hot and humid summer weather sets in I will be starting a series about getting outdoors and going for a walk and listen to the sounds of calming flowing water. 


This week I took a stroll along Gwangju Cheon or Gwangju Stream which starts from Mudeung Mountain and passes through 동구, 남구, 북구, 서구. For those who want to take a relaxing walk or if you want to bike it you can enjoy a little bit of nature. The stream ends in the Yeongsan river with a big Eco park and many stop around the way.

IMG_3150 IMG_3149 IMG_3152



For this edition I walked from the Nam Gwangju Market known for its fish as well as the night market which also started up towards Sajik park. I would suggest going during this time as it gets extremely hot and muggy with loads of insects later on the summer. There are lots of benches and stops along the way and also stones in the river if you want to cross. If you are lucky you can also spot some wildlife such as herons and fish in the river. For those with dogs or pets it is also great – just make sure to keep your pets leashed and also no smoking is allowed on the path!


You can exit from Namgwangju Subway station or many busses stop near the there and make your way to the river. There are tons of bridges along the way which light up at night making it perfect for an evening stroll. During some months the river also features a lantern festival

Get out and enjoy!