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Essentials with JD # 284**MAY 18TH SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY**

광주영어방송 ’37년의 비밀, 트라우마 유전’ 방송

GFN airs May 18 special documentary ‘A Memory Never Lost’



The Gwangju Foreign Language Network, GFN, will air a special documentary for the 37th anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising.

The documentary, ’37년의 비밀, 트라우마 유전, A Memory Never Lost’ introduces how trauma is inherited by the next generation and how to treat these cases.

The first half of the show mainly deals with inherited trauma and the victims while the second half is dedicated specifically to the inherited trauma of the May 18 Democratic Uprising victims and how to treat their wounded hearts.


GFN seeks for ways to heal the inherited trauma from May 18 and suggests a notion for society to accept.

The documentary, ’37년의 비밀, 트라우마 유전, A Memory Never Lost’ will be aired on the 18th, tomorrow at 10am in Korean and at 7pm in English for an hour each.

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May events will also be happening in downtown areas with certain bus routes changed and you might also want to visit the 5.18 cemetary by taking bus 518.