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Essentials with JD # 285 ** Become a DJ at GFN**


GFN is once again searching for new talent to host a radio show project where you will get to be the host of your own show for
1 month. Application Period : from 15th of May to 9th of June.


If chosen, you could be on air from 9 – 10am, Monday – Saturday, and all you need for this amazing opportunity is a unique personality and an excellent command of written and spoken English.


Anyone can apply – regardless of nationality and age – so check below for further info and get your application in ASAP.




The second audition for GFN Listener DJ will be launched


on June 17th at the GFN studios.


Come show us what you got or what you don’t got!


You can be an official GFN DJ for one-month music program “VIVA DJ”.


No Experience necessary and all applicants will be considered regardless of age or nationality. But good English skills needed.


To sign up, please send your application form to


Application deadline is JUNE 9.


GFN에서 “청취자 라디오 진행자”를 공개 모집합니다.

GFN 음악 프로그램 진행에 관심이 있고

진행에 무리가 없는 영어실력을 갖춘 분이라면

나이, 성별, 국적, 경력에 관계 없이 누구나 지원하실 수 있습니다.


오디션을 통해 선발된 진행자는

한 달 동안 VIVA DJ 음악 프로그램을 책임지고 이끌어가게 됩니다.

매월 새롭게 선정된 청취자 진행자가 출연해서

지역에서 살아가는 소소한 일상과 음악을 소개합니다.


청취자 여러분의 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.


□ Application Period : from 15th of May to 9th of June


□ How to apply : please download the application form from the GFN homepage and send it to


□ First Announcement of the Qualifiers : 12th of June

□ Audition Date : Saturday, 17th of June

□ Final Announcement : Monday, 5PM, 19th of June

□ Host(DJ) fee will be paid under the GFN rule after one-month show.


□ Contact : 062-460-0941 /