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Essentials with JD # 280 ** GWANGJU BUS 419 **


Earlier this year Gwangju updated its bus lines and also added new ones. In a new series of posts we will introduce some bus lines and also some of the notable stops on the route that might be of interest to you.


Bus no. 419

  1. The meaning of the bus number.

419 represents 19th of April. Gwangju city said that they named it 419 because the movement started from Gwangju, and they wanted to commemorate the event.  It is the second bus that named after the date of historical movement. Another one is bus no. 518.  In 1960, a rigged election happened. Students and Citizens rebelled against the dictatorship, and participated in democratic movement.

The route goes around street name 419.


광주시에서는 광주에서 첫 419 시위가 일어난 것을 알리고, 그 정신을 기리기 위해 419번호를 버스번호로 사용하기로 했다고 합니다. 그래서 이 버스는 도로명 419로(중앙초교- 대인시장-광주고-서방4거리) 를 지나가게 됩니다

  1. Where it goes? (Some highlights)

살레시오 high school – traditional food museum – Gwangju biennale – CNU backgate – 서방 market – East district office 동구청 – Chosun university etc

  • Remember! When it departs from Chosun university, it does not drop by East district office. It goes to ACC and Art street.


이 버스는 살레시오고등학교를 기점으로하여, 향토문화박물관, 비엔날레전시관을 지나고 전남대후문, 서방시장, 동구청을 지나 조선대학교 안으로 지나가게 됩니다.


기억하실 점은, 이 버스가 종점인 조선대학교에서 다시 출발할 때는 동구청쪽을 지나지 않고 국립아시아문화전당역과 예술의거리 쪽으로 지나간다는 점입니다!


  1. Where can we visit? (hot places)
  • 남도향토문화박물관 (Namdo folk food museum)

The museum is opened to introduce traditional Namdo (Gwangju and Jeolla province ) food. Here, you can experience making traditional food, and you can take a lesson about traditional Namdo folk food.

Admission fee – free

They will be closed every Monday.

Guide service- Saturday, Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Those who are interested in making traditional food, or taking lessons on their program, visit their website or call the museum to make a reservation.

Experience program (making folk food) costs money ! I saw a review that says it costed 4000won per person.


  • 동명동 (off at east district office)


When you get off at East district office (동구청), you can find 동명동 area. There are a lot of local coffeeshops, restaurants, bakery, pubs, and handcraft shops etc. It is hot place for hipsters. It is special because most of the shops are owned by the locals, no franchise.

IMG_3601 IMG_3599

  1. Survival Korean


Situation : You want to go some hot places with your Korean friend, but you don’t know how to ask !


Hey! Do you want to go to gwangju biennale with me?

나랑 비엔날레 갈래? (Narang biennale gal lae?)


Hey! Can I have a cup of coffee with you ?

커피 한 잔 해요~ (little bit formal or old-fashioned … BUT cute) / 나랑 커피 마실래?


Handy Tips:


  1. Things to remember when transferring busses.
  • You can only transfer with your bus card,  not cash. (Cards are available at convenience stores T-Money works in Gwangju and other cities in Korea)
  • You can transfer from bus to subway and vice versa.
  • You cannot transfer to the same bus that you got off. (you have to pay another fee)
  • If you transfer from general bus to 좌석 or 농어촌, which has higher fare than general one, extra fare will be charged.
  • When you transfer from 농어촌 bus (that has last stop outside of Gwangju), then you have to swipe the card before you get off at the final destination, even though you don’t transfer. If not, extra fee will be charged.


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