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Essentials with JD #293 **COOL FOR THE SUMMER PART 2**

With summer vacation around the corner – many are planning to escape the heat to international territories but for those staying in Korea if you don’t feel like travelling far Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has some places for you to cool off.


Firstly, if you are a fan of baseball and you have younger kids Kia Champions field has a temporary solution for you whilst watching the game


Gwangju-KIA Champions Field to welcome citizens with children’s pool

The Gwangju-KIA Champions Field will welcome citizens with a children’s pool.

The event called ‘2017 Kumho Tire Hot Summer Festival’ first started in 2014, and will begin on the 25th, running until the 13th on game days.

The children’s pool will be prepared on the left side of Sandpark and run from an hour before the game begins through until the end of the game.

Children in kindergarten to elementary school can use the pool.

For safety reasons, only 20 kids can use it at a time for 20 minutes a piece.

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And then moving further afield in the province Hampyeong, Bosung, Yongam and Naju also have a few options for you as provided by Gwangju City hall










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