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Due to the heat the City has installed many tents around town at traffic lights or rest areas so that you can stay out of the sun. Well done Gwangju. Please also note that most water parks are scheduled to close down at the end of next week so make the most of it. Let’s hope they keep it open till later though.


Here are some other festivals going on.


The Fringe festival is back downtown at the ACC this week.

전주 Jeonju Ga Meak Festival (Beer festival) kicked off last night – run till this Saturday.


여수 Yeosu City will host the 2nd 여수 Yeosu Night Sea Fireworks Festival for 2 days from the 11th under the theme of ‘Night in 여수 Yeosu, and Stars.’

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여수 Yeosu World Expo’s representative entertainment Big-O Show and rainbow fireworks are prepared to welcome visitors.

The festival will also be broadcasted live on Youtube and Facebook.


순천 Sucheon City is preparing a party with DJs and food. The party welcomes any guests from the 11th to the 13th at its famous 순천만 Suncheon Bay Garden.


광양 Gwangyang City will also be holding an event called “Night of Counting Stars” from the 11th to the 12th at 광양 Gwangyang Port Ocean Park in commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of late poet 윤동주 Yoon Dong Joo’s birth and the 72nd year anniversary for the release of his poem Night of Counting Stars.


무안 Muan’s Lotus Festival 2017 will open its 4-day run on the 12th.

Various experience programs are ready for visitors and GFN will be hosting a tour around the festival site. If you are interested, register now at <>.

There will also be a concert in Jisan Dong Park with great music. So go and enjoy the outdoors

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