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Essentials with JD # 301 **ARTIST RESIDENCY**

Any established and exhibited artists out there? Time to apply for a residency with SAF.


Check below for some other information related to Sochon Art Factory that are happening this month.


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2017 Industrial Complex Pre-Biennale

<Call for Artists to join 1st Residency Program>

Residency Program Detail

◇ Period : September to December 2017 ※ After evaluation, the program could be extended.

◇ Target : Artists who can produce Indoor /Outdoor Exhibitions (Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts, etc)◇ Number of Artists : 5 (※ You can also apply as a duo or team)

◇ Qualifications

– We are looking for youth artists who are under age of 49 years old

– Artists who can create artwork in Gwangju during the Residency period (Regardless of their Nationality/Place of Origin)

– Artists who have proof of their art career (eg. art exhibitions, portfolio, showcases etc)

– University students are unable to apply

– Foreign Artists should already be in possession of a ‘ARC : Alien Registration Card (외국인등록증)‘

◇ Support

– Studio rooms, Administrative expenses (electricity fee, water rate, etc)

– Cover the cost of flyers, posters, media advertising support(Newspaper & On-line), etc.

– Artist fee, cost of materials

◇ Conditions

– Agreement on Safety Obligation

– Participation in workshops and meetings

– Participation in SAF exhibitions (2 times)

– Working on Seminars about your artwork or participating in an Education Program (4 times)

※ Points will be added after evaluation when 2018 Residency Program opens.

※ About Residency Organization

Address : 14-9 Sochonro 85beon-gil, Gwangsangu, Gwangju

(Cube Gallery, Sochon Art Factory)

Scale : 2 floors (1st floor 575m2, 2nd floor 374m2)

Exhibition room, Media room, Open studio, Residential room, Terra-cotta room (Annex)

※ Field work is available & Rooms can be used in other ways after a negotiation with office

Operated/Hosted by 광산구(Gwangsan-gu) 소촌아트팩토리(Sochon Art Factory)

<Contact> TEL +82 062)960-3686 / E-mail



Other events at SAF this month + Photo Exhibition from the 9th – 29th September 2017