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Essentials with JD # 302 **CULTURE FORUM CAMP**



Want to have your say in things cultural around you? Are you between 19 and 29 and want to travel and change how we see culture? You still have some time to apply for the Asia Culture forum International Youth Camp.


Deadline is September 28th


Find details below and apply asap


[2017 아시아문화포럼 청년캠프 Asia Culture Forum International Youth Camp 2017]


[2017 아시아문화포럼 청년캠프 참가자 2차 모집

2nd Call for Participants: ACF International Youth Camp 2017]

광주광역시 축제를 기획하고 아시아 문화도시 탐방기회를 잡으세요!

■ 신청마감: 9월 28일 (목)

■ 신청하기:

* 결강사유서 발급 가능

Propose the festivals in Gwangju and get a chance to travel to one of Asia culture cities

■ Deadline: By Thursday, September 28

■ Application Download:

* Possible to issue the certificate of absence