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Essentials with JD # 315 **DOG WALKING**

25395890_10101354665462250_5059419367679527810_nFor many out there having a pet is something that they would like to have but because of various circumstances including commitment or landlord issues they however cannot take care of any pets.


If you wish to interact with some animals or foster how about checking out the Gwangju Animal Shelter and the dog walking group where you not only get to walk some amazing dogs who need some love and attention but also meet some like minded people and expand your social network?


For more information you can check out their facebook page as they schedule regular meetups to walk dogs and also a ride share so that you make your way to the shelter.


Also remember that donations to the Shelter are also welcome but please make sure that you check with them first as to what they need in terms of items as monetary donations cannot be accepted.


It might also be a great opportunity for you to consider fostering a dog or pet as they have a greater chance of being adopted if they transition from a fostering situation.

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Have fun and stay warm and safe




(Photos sourced from the Animal Shelter Facebook Page)