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Are you a creator? Do you want to research and develop your content in an amazing environment? Time to get your portfolio ready and submit it to the Asia Arts Centre.  (Applications close March 5th, 2018)

“Open Call for 2018 ACC_R Creators in Lab”

‘The Asia Culture Center (ACC) ACT Center is looking for creators to participate in the 2018 ACC_R Creators in Lab program.


Creators in Lab helps creators bring their innovative ideas to life for the purpose of developing new contents to be showcased at the ACC.


The program is open to artists, developers, and researchers across all disciplines such as art, engineering, science, and humanities. Creators can work on any project, be it for exhibitions, performances, application software, or cultural products, as long as it holds relevance to the topics covered by the respective labs at the ACT Center.


The benefits of the program include financial support to help creators with their creative efforts, and access to ACT studios and their state-of-the-art equipment that is tailored to the development of “convergence” contents. In addition, the participants have a chance to have their contents showcased at the ACC and selected for future ACT Center projects.”


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