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Essentials with JD # 329 **MARCH 1ST INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT**


Today is a very important day in the history of Korea and its fight for independence. Please make sure to note that there will be special ceremonies held.


“The March 1st Movement, also known as Sam-il (3-1) Movement was one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the rule of Korea by Japan from 1910 into 1945.


The Samil Movement arose in reaction to the repressive nature of colonial occupation under the military rule of the Japanese Empire following 1905, and inspired by the “Fourteen Points” outlining the right of national “self-determination”, which was proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference in January 1919. After hearing news of Wilson’s speech, Korean students studying in Tokyo published a statement demanding freedom from colonial rule.”



March 1st commemoration events to be held throughout Gwangju

Commemorating the 99th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement, various events will be held in Gwangju throughout March 1st, Thursday.

The City of Gwangju will hold an official commemoration at city hall in the morning and continue its event by ringing the Bell of Democracy situated in downtown in the Democracy plaza at the ACC.

Gwangju Butterfly, a local organization working to resolve the issue of the Japanese sexual enslavement of Korean women, rescheduled its regular Wednesday Protest to March 1st, Thursday. The organization has prepared various performances to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the movement at the Democracy Plaza in downtown.

Gwangju Kookhakwon and Goryeoin Village will reenact the protest at downtown and Hanam 2nd Children’s Park respectively.



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