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Just and FYI to all those who have dogs ~ please be advised about the revisions to the laws. If you are caught you will be fined. The new laws came into effect on March 22nd, 2018. **



  • Registration of your pet



<등록대상동물 등록>

○ 3개월 이상의 개는 각 구청에서 지정한 등록대행업체(동물병원 등)에 등록


For dogs over 3 months of age, you are required to register at registration agency which is designated by each ward office (animal hospital etc.)


☞ 미등록시 과태료 (if you do not register, you will be be fined as follows:


First offence: 200,000 won, 2nd : 400,000 won , 3rd : 600,000 won


  1. Leashes and muzzles


<안전조치(개 목줄 및 입마개 착용)>○ 목줄(현재 길이 규정 없음) 및 입마개(맹견에 한정) 착용


Every dog is now required to wear a leash.

Muzzles are required for larger / or those seen to be more aggressive example:  Pit Bull Terrier, Tosa, American Pitbull, Rottwieler etc) Please make sure to check with your vet.

Fines: If caught without leash or muzzle:

1st : 200, 000 won, 2nd : 300, 000 won, 3rd 500,000 won


  1. Identification tags.


기르는 곳에서 벗어나는 경우 반려견에게 인식표를 부착함

Dogs are required to have ID tags with the following information : owner’s name, Phone number, Animal registration number

– 인식표 내용(소유자 성명, 전화번호, 동물등록번호)



1st: 50,000won , 2nd : 100,000 won, 3rd: 200,000 won

☞ 미부착시 과태료 1차) 5만원, 2차) 10만원, 3차) 20만원


  1. Cleaning up after your dog


<개 배설물 수거>

○ 개 배설물 수거(배변봉투 소지하고 배설물 발생시 수거함)

If you do not clean your dog’s waste you will also be fined.



1st offence: 50,000 won, 2nd: 70,000 won, 3rd : 100,000 won

☞ 미수거시 과태료 1차) 5만원, 2차) 7만원, 3차) 10만원


Also note according to Yonghap news :

“The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said it will give cash rewards to those who report dog owners who fail to follow the rules, starting on March 22.

Under the revisions, dog owners will be required use a leash no longer than 2 meters and will be subject to criminal punishment if their pets injure people.

If dogs that are not leashed carry out fatal attacks, their owners will face up to three years in prison and a maximum fine of 30 million won (US$27,650).”

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Stay safe and on the right side of the law.



**(Information based on big data from Bitgoeul Centre 062-120 : tune in to The Afternoon show with JD every Friday from 12:30 for more updates from the centre.)