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Essentials with JD # 342 **FOOD TRASH DISPOSAL**


If you are new to Korea and do not live in an apartment building with waste disposal system or food trash by weight bin then here is one way of getting rid of food waste / organic matter.


Please do note not to put it in with your regular plastics or household waste ~ those go in the designated trash bag from your area which are differentiated by color. Recently the garbage collectors have checking and fining people for improperly disposing of food waste.


Step 1 : Get yourself a food trash bucket – available in at most independent stores or even from your local value mart. Just make sure to check the size as this will correspond with the sticker you buy.


Step 2: Collect your organic food waste. Depending on how much you cook/ waste you might want to wait for the bucket to fill up instead of doing daily disposals. Each time you put your bucket outside you have to pay.


Step 3: Attach the correct food trash collection sticker based on your area and also the size of your bucket. Place it outside where the food trash collector can find it and it should be collected Monday – Saturday before 9am or 10-am. Don’t forget to take back your bucket and also don’t forget to disinfect it and give it a rinse to avoid nasty odors and bugs from coming as the weather heats up.