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Essentials with JD # 344 ** NAMGU GOSSAUM FESTIVAL 2018**


Looking for something traditional and interesting to do this weekend?

If you are staying in town why not make your way to Gwangju’s Namgu District for their annual Gossaum Festival at Chilseokdong’s Gossaum Park from Saturday to Sunday.


Opening ceremony kicks off at 7:30 PM Saturday (4.14)

Parade 1:30 PM Sunday (4.15)

During the festival, some 300 people will be participating in the demonstration of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage No.33 while various other traditional cultural performances will be staged as well.


“In Gossaum, the term ‘go’ originates from otgoreum (the ribbon bow on a traditional Korean jacket) and refers to a knot tied in a long string to make a loop. Therefore, gossaum, a compound of go and “ssaum,” which means fight, indicate a “match or fight against two teams pulling on knotted ropes”

Gossaum is one of the most representative games in South Korea and is traditionally played on the day of the first full moon according to the Lunar Calendar. This year’s festival was postponed due to the spread of the avian influenza in the winter season.


How to get there :

Taxi 주 소 : Gossaum Theme park 광주광역시 남구 칠석길 28 (구주소:칠석동 127-1)

Bus   170번, 69번, 61번




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