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Essentials with JD # 347 **MAY 18TH PREPARATIONS**


Next month is an integral month in the democratic history of Gwangju, therefore the city and the rest of the country will start commemoration events starting later this month. Here are some of the latest news updates about May 18th that you need to know.




  • ‘시민군 최후 항쟁지’ 옛 전남도청…5·18 38주년 맞아 개방


Old Jeonnam Provincial Hall in Gwangju to open to the public in May

The Asia Culture Center said on Wednesday that the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Restoration Committee has decided to open the buildings to the public from May 15th to June 17th.

Reportedly, the committee decided to showcase the historical buildings as they are, even though their original forms have been damaged.

The ACC will provide various tour programs in participation of victims of the May 18th Democratic Uprising.

The center will also present a special exhibit on the provincial hall’s history in cooperation of the May 18 Archives.



  1. Various commemoration events for May 18 to be held nationwide

The Commemoration Event Committee for the 38th Anniversary of the May 18th Democratic Uprising on Monday released an outline of its events to be held nationwide.

The events will be held under the theme of ‘Look to the Truth of May, Blow the wind of Peace’ and 20 organizations in Gwangju, Seoul, Sejong, Daegu, Suwon, Chungju and more will present their own commemorative events in combination of truth unveiling and peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Specific schedules for the events will be released on the committee’s blog at <>.

In addition, Gwangju’s 5 districts will carry out one-month-long commemoration events from the 27th of this month.

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  1. 광주시 5·18 행방불명자 찾는다…가족혈액 채취

Gwangju to look for missing victims of May 18th

According to the City of Gwangju on Thursday, there are still 241 people who have been reported missing since the 1980’s pro-democracy movement in Gwangju.

To secure their DNA for identification, the city has collected blood samples from 299 people in 124 families.

The city is planning to secure more DNA samples for future investigations.

If your family was affected and you wish to submit DNA samples the application period runs till the end of May and parents, children and siblings of those missing victims can register at the city’s website <>.




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