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Essentials with JD # 348 **FIRST GWANGJU ASIA FOOD FESTIVAL 4.21**


30709511_1629465897149089_4101628700299560238_nWhat are you doing this weekend? How about tasting your way around Asia with a great food festival!

Gwangju Dong-gu district announced that it will host an ‘Asia Food Festival’ once every month, starting with the first festival to be held on April 21st.

The festival will be held under the topic of ‘Fall in love with the taste of Gwangju and Asia’ and will showcase various traditional foods of the Jeollanamdo region and around  Asia.


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The festival will be held once a month until October every 4th Saturday around the Asia Food Culture area in downtown which is across from the ACC.

On April 21st, various performances and events will be held as its opening ceremony, including the ‘Food Talk Show’ with popular food researcher Lee Hye Jeong, and more events such as cuisine lectures, food market and busking performances. DJ Chunja will also be appearing!

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I spotted a DimSum restaurant which I plan on trying out!




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