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Essentials with JD # 361 **5.18 HISTORY ALL AROUND US**


For those interested in history of 5.18 it is all around you, downtown at the ACC in particular.

Here are a few images from the area and remember the building will be open to the public with guided tours too.

The Committee for Restoration of the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall also said that 6 buildings of the old provincial office situated in downtown Gwangju will open to the public.

Members of the committee will guide a tour around the site of the pro-democracy movement till June 17th.

Also, records of the provincial office’s 100-year-long history from its foundation to a series of candlelight vigils that took place till early last year will be on display.


Jeollanamdo also plans to designate May 18 Democratic Uprising related places as historic sites for systematic management.

According to the province, there are 52 monuments and 21 signs at the May 18 related sites, but they have been left neglected without any maintenance.

The province will draw up an overall blueprint for the project by November this year and analyze their conditions to come up with further plans to preserve and utilize them.

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