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Essentials with JD # 362**518 DEMOCRATIC UPRISING BUS TOUR**

IMG_3608It might be possible that you did not have time to visit some of the sites of the 5.18 movement during the past couple of days but if you would like to engage at your own pace there is the 5.18 bus which runs daily and you can access at your leisure. Below are some of the notable stops along the way that you might want to check out.

Historical Bus no. 518

Gwangju named its bus after numbers that are significant to Gwangju. They are 1187, 419, and 518. We have talked about bus 1187, and 419. The last bus is 518!

  1. Where it mainly goes??

518 freedom park – 518 commemoration culture center – GuemNamRo- Old Chonnam government center (ACC) – Gwangju station – CNU Main gate – Agricultural product market (Gwangju Correctional institute ) – May 18 National cemetery.

518 자유공원 – 518 기념문화센터 – 금남로 – 구 전남도청 (국립아시아문화전당) – 광주역 – 전남대 정문 – 농산물공판장 (광주교도소) – 국립 518 민주묘지

  1. 518 freedom park

May 18 Gwangju Freedom park restored the court and guard house which the military police had used on May 18. In the court, military trial was actually happened. Also there are military police barracks where the citizens were tortured.


518 자유공원에서는 법원과 영창이 복구되어 있습니다. 재판과정을 재현해 놓은 모형들이 있으니까, 이곳에 한 번 가보셔서 그 때의 상황을 한 번 보고 오시는 것도 좋을 것 같아요!

  1. CNU main gate

When the martial law announced, CNU students gathered and protested against the dictatorship. At CNU main gate, people students and troopers clashed.

To remember the incident and console the victims, inside of CNU, there are a lot of commemorate stones, and statues commemorating May 18

전남대 정문에서는 계엄령이 선언된 후 학생들이 독재정권과, 계엄령에 반대하여서 시위했는데요, 이때 계엄군과 학생들이 충돌하게 되었습니다.

또한 학생들의 참여와 피해를 기억하고자, 전남대 학교 안에는 518을 추모하는 많은 기념비가 있습니다.


  1. Agricultural product market (Gwangju Correctional institute )

In May 18, martial law army shot at citizens and vehicles who tried to go to DamYang and SunCheon area. Also, innocent citizens were tortured here in correctional institute, and to remember that historical incident, there is a memorial stone in front of correctional center.

계엄군이 주둔해 있으면서 담양, 순천 방면으로 이동하던 차량과 시민들에게 총격을 가해 많은 시민이 희생당했던 곳이고, 무고한 시민들이 교도소에서 고문을 받았었는데, 그것을 역사적으로 남기기 위해서 교도소 앞에 비석 같은 것이 세워져 있습니다.

  1. May 18 national cemetery

May 18 national cemetery was made to remember and mourn the citizens who were victimized on May 18.

Person who died because of May 18, person who was injured on May 18 and dead now, person who was a spouse of May 18 victim can be laid to rest in national cemetery.


518때 희생 당하신 피해자 분들을 위로하기 위해 이 국립 묘지가 생겼는데요, 518에 참여하셨던, 사망하셨거나, 이 때문에 다치셨던 분들, 그리고 그분들의 배우자 분들이 이곳에 안장되실 수 있습니다.