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The City of Gwangju has launched its heatwave safety system to help citizens counter scorching hot weather this summer season. Temperatures this past week have already reached into the low 30’s and forecasters predict that it is just the beginning of the summer heat.

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As in winter the city set up shelters to help beat the cold, this summer he city will operate 1,286 heat shelters throughout its jurisdiction.

75 Kwangju Bank offices will also open its doors to locals as heat shelters.

Shades rest areas will be expanded to 200 stations from 110 last year. Canopies will be installed at crowded crosswalks across the city and heated areas will be cooled with sprinkler trucks.

When a heat wave advisory is issued, the city’s disaster helpers will visit senior citizens and those with disabilities to ensure their safety.

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I have not seen the ones provided by the city up and running yet, but if you find yourself at the ACC at the weekend they have shaded rest areas which are quick unique and amazing. Check it out and stay cool and hydrated, you don’t want to suffer from heat stroke!

In related news rain is predicted for tomorrow which is likely to break the heatspell.



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