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Essentials with JD #378 **JUNE SUPERMARKET SCHEDULE**


FYI – most major supermarkets will be open this Sunday.


This doesn’t however mean that you still can’t explore the traditional fresh markets or 시장 where you can buy some seasonal greens from some lovely sellers who will most probably give you great discounts.


A great market to explore is Malbawu market. Having over 500 shops and about 900 street stalls with an open in an area of 67,000m², and also one of the busiest in Gwangju. They also have an open market 12 times a month 2,4,7,9,12,14,17,19,22,24,27,29 means local and regional farmers come to the market and sell their super fresh goods.


The City of Gwangju plans to build a public parking lot at Malbawu Market. Investing 18.1 billion won by next year, the city will create the parking spots for 200 vehicles at the entrance of the market.

The new project is expected to ease inconveniences for the visitors to the market. Along with Malbawu Market, the city will carry out projects to improve parking conditions at Yangdong Industrial Market, Daein Market and Electronics Street.




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