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Essentials with JD #380 **MONSOON SEASON 2018 OFFICIALLY STARTS*


The Korea Meteorological Administration said on Monday that this year’s monsoon season will begin on Tuesday in Jeju.

According to the weather agency, Jeju will be the first region to be drenched in monsoon rain starting from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The rain clouds will move down South, but will make a comeback on Friday.

Last year, the monsoon began on June 24th in Jeju, June 29th in Southern region and on July 1st in the central region.

The monsoon poured average 291.7mm of rain during 16.9-day period in 2017.


As for tomorrow Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under heavy cloud cover tomorrow. The clouds may become lighter as the day progresses. And for the rest of the week it will be partly cloudy with highs into the low 30’s.


Stay hydrated and limit the time spent outdoors to prevent heat stroke. I would also suggest to always carry your umbrella with you for unexpected rain showers and also a pair of flip flops or sandals to prevent your shoes from getting soaked. 



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