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Essentials with JD #381 **STAY SAFE IN THE SUMMER HEAT**


Today is the Summer solstice or Haji according the to Lunar calendar which means that the heat will become more intense and linger longer as we head into summer.


As mentioned in a previous post Gwangju city has rolled out various measures to ensure the safety of all its citizens. You can now spot tented areas at busy crossings and areas around the city in order to keep you out of the sun.

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In addtion the City of Gwangju is enforcing health care measures by designating living caregivers who will make regular visits to senior citizens who live alone to check on their conditions and to provide emergency care if necessary.

Especially, when heat wave advisories are issued, the caregivers will make mandatory checkups and take immediate actions.

Also, the city carried out cooling system tests on 1,313 senior citizens centers throughout the area in May, 98 places were found in need of replacement and the follow-up measures will be completed by the end of this month in addition to cooling support of 200,000 won.


Keep your eyes and ears alert for the elderly living in your area and anything to emergency services on 119 if you spot someone in need during the summer heat.



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