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Essentials with JD #382 **ASIA MIME CAMP FESTIVAL AT THE ACC *


This weekend will be super busy here in Gwangju as within the 2018 Gwangju Fringe Festival, the Asia Mime Camp will be held for two days, from 4pm, June 22nd to midnight June 23rd, offering the residents and visitors from across the world two dreamlike days to escape from reality.


The festival will feature 20 local and international mime artist performers including those from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Through their art, the talented performers will transport the audience to a fantasy world where no words are necessary.

Local performers Woo Jin-Gyu the first generation mime artist in Korea will present “FLY, Once more” a story to convey a message of hopes for prolonged peace on the Korean Peninsula of his 45-year mime career.

Works from other countries include Kong De Wei, and Wu Yu Fang from China, and the artist from Japan Hashimoto Fusayo is one member of the so-called Mime invasion, a group of Mime stars who have been courting Japanese audiences. Also, for the first time in Asia, the Asia Mime Camp bring all Asia’s best Mime performers together here in Gwangju

Meanwhile, on the 22nd and 23rd at 4.P.M, all performers and participating citizens will have a parade from May 18th Democracy Square to Geumnamro Areas, under different themes of peace performances.

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