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Essentials with JD #385 **MONSOON RAIN ADVISORIES*

The Heavy rain alerts that were issued on Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have been lifted except for those on southern Jeonnam.

Heavy rain advisories issued on Jindo have been replaced with heavy rain warnings as of 7:40am and it still remains intact.


As of 9:00am, Jangheung, Mokpo, Wando, Haenam, Gangjin, Suncheon, Gwangyang and Bosung are under heavy rain advisories.

A heavy rain advisory is issued when accumulated precipitation is expected to be over 60mm for next 3 hours or 110mm for next 12 hours.


A heavy rain warning is issued when accumulated precipitation is forecast to reach 90mm for next 3 hours or 180mm for next 12 hours.

Due to the current alerts the Ministry of the Interior and Safety advises people to adopt the following guidelines under heavy rain alerts.


Try to avoid approaching flooded roads and small bridges and partaking in unnecessary outdoor activities.

Those living in low lying areas should evacuate following the proper authority.

While walking, do not approach street lights, outdoor signs or manhole covers as there is a possibility of electric shock.


Enjoy and don’t forget your umbrella .