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Essentials with JD #389 **TYPHOON UPDATES**



As the year’s seventh typhoon Prapiroon approaches the Korean Peninsula, related weather alerts have been issued on eastern Jeollanamdo. Prapiroon is expected to pass through eastern Jeonnam on the eastern coast at around 3~6pm this afternoon indirectly affecting the region.

The typhoon is forecast to bring some 30mm of rain accompanied by strong winds.

A weather agency official advised residents in the mentioned areas to be extra cautions to avoid possible damages caused by strong winds.

Strong wind advisories have been issued on Gurye, Bosung, Gwangyang, Suncheon, Jangheung, Gangjin, Haenam and Wando.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety advises people to adopt following guidelines.

Lock doors and windows and remove outdoor facilities that can fall.

Wind and wave advisories have been issued on eastern open sea of West Sea and East Sea offing of Western Jeollanamdo and will be effective from 1:00pm today.

Take extra precaution at ports and fishing related facilities such as fish farms and fishing boats.

Those on waters and beaches should evacuate following proper authorities.