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Essentials with JD #391 **NEW MAYOR’S VISION FOR GWANGJU**


If you didn’t know it, Gwangju has a new Mayor and he released his vision for Gwangju under his leadership.


Gwangju City New Mayor 이용섭 Lee Yong Seob 7 Visions for Gwangju

  1.   Create more jobs
  2.   No Discrimination against anyone
  3.   Attract more people and companies to Gwangju
  4.   Be a leader in the 4th industrial revolution
  5.   Develop the  city as a symbol of Democracy, Human Rights and Peace
  6.   Cooperate with 전라남도 Jeonnam Province
  7.   Focus on Decentralization


Mayor Lee has signed an order for the composition of a job creation committee as a first step.


Congratulations and prosperity for your new role.