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Essentials with JD #392 **HEAT ADVISORIES**


Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration on Wednesday issued heat wave advisories on 8 cities and counties in Jeollanamdo including Bosung, Gwangyang, Suncheon, Jangheung, Gangjin, Haenam, Yeongam and Jindo.

Including newly issued advisories, a total of 17 cities and counties in the province are under heat wave advisories excluding Shinan, Mokpo, Yeosu, Goheung and Wando.

Gwangju has been under a heat wave advisory since Tuesday.

A heat wave advisory is issued when daytime highs are expected to reach over 33 degrees Celsius for longer than 2 days.

The regional weather agency forecast scorching heat to linger for a while due to inflow of hot and humid air. Some inland area may experience tropical nights with nighttime temperatures remaining above 25 degrees.

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Gwangju City has installed heat shelters at major intersections around the city to beat the heat while waiting. Do take advantage of them or visit your local Gwangju Bank as they will allow you to cool off there as well.