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Essentials with JD #394 **WORLD YOUTH FESTIVAL 2018**


Bringing the world’s youth together, the World Youth Festival began its summer excitement.

The ‘2018 World Youth Festival’ will kick off at 8pm at the May 18 Democratic Plaza and the Asia Culture Center.

Under the theme of “Youth is One”, the festival will welcome visitors to provide various programs to challenge, enjoy, heal and harmonize together.

At the stage on the Democracy Plaza, the festival will open with the performance to show the story of youth as a musical.

During the 3 day festival more than 20 different programs will be showcased including performances, movies, learning programs and EDM pool party.



Lee Ji Hoon, the director of the festival said, he tried to showcase troubles, experiences and stories that youth mostly face in their real lives for the festival.

This is the 4th year of the festival since it started during the 2015 Gwangju Universiade as a subsidiary event but as Gwangju and the Organizing Committee successfully carried out a series of cultural events for the World University Games, it has become a representative annual event in Gwangju.