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Essentials with JD #395 **TROPICAL NIGHT PHENOMENON**


The Korea Meteorological Administration on Tuesday issued heat wave alerts for inland areas including Gwangju and most of Jeollanamdo. Be prepared as sweltering heat and tropical nights are poised to rob many of sleep.

Thursday night’s lowest temperature was recorded at 25 degrees Celsius. This is the first time since 2003 that temperatures remained over 20 degrees throughout the night. The KMA (The Korea Meteorological Administration) defines a “tropical night” as a period in which the temperature remains above 25 degrees between 6:01 pm and 9 am the following morning.


Jindo in Jeonnam Province recorded the highest average temperature on Thursday night with 25.4 degrees Celsius and Gwangju recorded 25.2 degrees. Thus, registering its fourth and second tropical nights in a row, respectively

Other seaside cities such as Mokpo, Yeosu and Shinan followed, with an average overnight temperature exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

The KMA predicted more sweltering days and nights to come. Daily highs in most areas outside Gwangju and Jeonnam provinces are expected to rise above 33 degrees, so the sleepless nights will continue for two or more days.

Meanwhile, only 7 tropical nights were recorded in Korea in the period from 1973-1993 but the figure greatly increased to around 14.8 between 1994-2017.

Locals are advised to be extra careful for the next few days as stifling heat with strong sunshine are expected. Hydrate with clear liquids such as water, avoid being outdoors during the hottest parts of the day and always be alert for signs of heat sickness.