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Essentials with JD #400 **LESS BUSES DURING SUMMER**


The City of Gwangju will reduce the number of intra-city buses during the summer vacation period from next Monday, July 23rd to August 19th.


119 buses on 66 routes will be taken out of operation to save energy and money. The city expects to reserve some 1.4 billion won by the reduction.


Travel intervals will be extended by 1 to 9 minutes on mainlines and 5 to 15 minutes on branch lines.


Temporary bus schedules are available on the city’s website.


A city official said on Thursday that the decision was made based on the usual drop in bus users during the vacation period and the city will minimize inconveniences for bus users by concentrating buses in peak commute hours.

Download the Gwangju bus app and stay up to date on the times.

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