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As the scorching weather continues in the regions, local cities and governments have launched intervention plans to ensure the well-being of its citizens during the extreme heat wave.

The City of Gwangju and many in the Jeonnam Province launched its heatwave safety system to help citizens counter scorching hot weather this summer season.


According to Gwangju City, part of its strategy is to have firefighters and 31st Infantry soldiers operate 17 water sprinkler trucks to spray water on the streets to lower the urban temperature. The City has also set up more tents at crosswalks to provide shade for people waiting to cross. 


Meanwhile, Yeosu City is running a heat wave task force in conjunction with three departments in the city including General Safety Department, Department of Differently-abled and Elderly and Department of Health to minimize the damage from scorching heat.


The Task force team will operate 333 heat shelters including elderly facilities throughout its jurisdiction and provide them with a 200,000 won budget for cooling. Plenty of water will be distributed to organizations that provide assistance to the elderly and more reserve water supplies are at hand for emergency services. The city and its institutions will also extend the opening hours of their play fountains, pools and air-conditioned facilities.


Relatedly an official from the Safety Department in Jeonnam advised people to avoid outdoor activities during the day and to stay hydrated. 


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