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Essentials with JD #407 **GWANGJU MAYOR LEE’S FIRST MONTH**


It has been a month since the 7th municipal government started its new journey under Mayor Lee Yong-Seop’s leadership.


During the first month of his term, he focused on global communication, breakthroughs in key long-term local issues, personnel and organizational innovation, job creation and citizen’s safety.


Mayor Lee also made an effort to communicate with citizens more than anything which is an expression of the willingness to operate a citizen centered municipal government.


Likewise, Lee, also known as the ‘Mayor of Job Creation’ is making the best effort to revitalize the local economy for job creation and stability.


Just 10 days after his inauguration, he visited the Ministry of Economy and Finance and requested government funding for local pending issues. He also met with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, the representative of Democratic Party and Justice Party to ask for cooperation and support in local issues.


The investment agreement with Hyundai Motors, which is being promoted as the first step of the Gwangju type job model of the new local government, is providing a boost to his job creation pledge.


In addition, the introduction of new policies such as the establishment of a new personnel system and the local currency have filled the gap between the replacement period of the mayor.


Finally, as the prolonged heat wave continues in the country, the Mayor has also launched a special emergency headquarters in order to precisely monitor citizens’ safety.