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Essentials with JD #409 ** KEEP COOL IN HEATWAVE**


Yesterday was the 23rd consecutive day that Gwangju-Jeonnam has recorded temperatures of over 33 degrees Celsius, breaking the previous record of 19 days in 1994.


Currently, 22 cities in Gwangju-Jeonnam have been issued with heat wave warnings. And at the same time, the tropical night phenomenon continues its record-breaking stretch as the mercury hovers above 25 degrees through the evening and into the predawn hours in most parts.


Gwangju experienced its 13th consecutive tropical night, while for residents in Yeosu, it was their 15th straight night.


The current heat wave is forecast to continue through early August and  the number of people with heat-related illnesses are expected to exceed the previous record reached two years ago.


If you are in Gwangju there will be some spots available to splash about; one in Sangmu and the other in Donggu ACC. Wear your sunscreen and a hat. 

If you are in the Suncheon area, they are holding a festival involving hip hop music, chicken and beer from Friday to Saturday at Suncheon Bay National Garden.


The DJ festival simultaneously held with Mulbit Festival will present famous DJs in the hip hop scene, food and water gun fight.


The festivity begins at around 5:30pm and will last until 9:00pm each day.


The Mulbit Festival which is being held from 6:00pm to 10:00pm showcases the beautiful night scenery at the national garden will run till the 26th.

Please stay cool and hydrated through this relentless heat.