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Essentials with JD #411 **GWANGJU CHEON POOL**


Gwangju Stream natural swimming pool reopened to the public Tuesday.


If you are free and in the city check it out to stay cool as temperatures will remain around the mid 30’s for the coming week. 


The swimming pool which is located in Donggu Yongsan town open after four years of setbacks due to severe drought.


The outdoor pool can be enjoyed with natural water and no chemical filtration process. The water is cleaned through layers of rock, two regeneration basins full of plant and animal life, and the sun’s UV rays.


It will be opened from 10am to 5pm on weekdays and weekends, and entry is free. For visitors safety , the City will assign 4 private safety guards and established safety measures in cooperation with related authorities.


To keep the water clean and foster a safe playing environment, outside food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.


Closest subway is Sotae.