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Essentials with JD #423**TYPHOON PREPARATIONS**


For those who are new to Korea and typhoon season and wish to prepare here are some things that you might want to take note of.

Typhoon Soulik is expected to come very near to the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions on the evening or late night of Aug. 22nd, causing high winds and torrential rain in southern and western parts of the country, according to the local weather agency.

The agency warned residents in areas in the typhoon’s path to be on their guard against landslides and flooding caused by heavy rains and gusts of wind of over 40 meters per second in coastal and mountainous regions. Please prepare diligently in order to avoid more damages. Tape windows with an X, clear outdoor gutters and prepare an emergency kit for your home.

Torrential rain is expected in the southern areas during the 24-hour period from 6 p.m. on Aug. 22nd. Affected areas are forecast to receive maximum rainfall of between 250 to 400 millimeters.

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Be prepared and stay safe,



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