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Essentials with JD #434 **GWANGJU WELCOMES THE ART WORLD **


With one of Korea’s biggest and most internationally-renowned contemporary art shows, the Gwangju Biennale kicking off later this week, leading Korean galleries in Gwangju are also launching exhibitions of renowned local and international artists to attract citizens, art critics, curators and dealers coming to Gwangju to view the most anticipated event.


The Art capital of Korea, Gwangju is preparing to host a nearly two month long art festival starting Sep. 7th, in conjunction with celebrating the 12th Gwangju Biennale. Various exhibitions will be held in the region featuring contemporary art made possible with public and private collaboration.

From the Gwangju Museum of Art to Unam galleries to all points in between, patrons can enjoy a comprehensive painting, sculpture, calligraphy, conceptual art, and photography extravaganza.


The Gwangju Museum of Art focuses primarily on approaching Jeolla-do’s spirit, culture, and its historical symbolism rather than considering them academically. The exhibition has been constructed with four themes in order for visitors to get a sense of Jeolla-do’s spirit by interpreting its character and artistic context. Exhibitions will take place from today to November 11th and this event is free to the public.

Another must see event is The “Spectacle Absolute” exhibit, by inner Mongolia-based artist Wang Guo Peng. The work shows what it looks like inside a country where reality is under almost complete control by a few in power. The exhibit features several photos and videos that Wang took during a 2011 trip. The images are all purposely obscured when he develops them. His work was done, to represent how the few in power control their people’s reality.

The show runs in the main Eun-am gallery, Dongu, from 7th September to 15th October

As for the main event the 12th Gwangju Biennale will take place from September 7th to November 11th titled Imagined Borders.

165 artists from 43 different countries will participate in a series of seven exhibitions exploring the political, cultural, physical and emotional concepts of borders in today’s global community. The seven exhibitions by the curators collective will held at the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall and the Asia Culture Center.

Tickets range from 14,000 won for adults and concessions are also granted to those who qualify.





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